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Catholic Centre for Immigrants – Ottawa


Adapting to the Canadian market

By Haiqa Khattak Oyaje Omaku was sending applications to employers and companies, but they were not contacting her or inviting her to job interviews. “My applications were going into a black hole because I did things the way it was done in my country,” she said....

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Finding her own way to college

By Haiqa Khattak I remember the day I visited the University of Ottawa’s admission office with my education transcripts from my home country of Pakistan. I had completed high school pre-medical in my country. The lady at the information desk showed me the possible...

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Marking March Break with eggs

By Haiqa Khattack Volunteers were helping Vincaire Minyer take a milkshake and a broiled egg from the pancake breakfast stall. Vincaire, 16, is from Uganda, a country that is “not too hot, nor too cold,” he says. Canada’s cold weather doesn’t bother him much despite...

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Taking the lead with youth

By Claudine Nduwimana Helpful, respectful and eager to learn are just some of the words to describe Reuben Nashali. Reuben came to Ottawa on Feb. 22, 2017 to join some of his family who were already here. His mother and siblings had settled a year earlier in Ottawa...

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Living the Canadian dream

By Claudine Nduwimana Douaa remembers her life as a refugee in Lebanon. She was working in a grocery store to help support her family, her dream of going to university put on hold. Now, less than three years later, Douaa is a first-year student at Carleton...

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Newcomer took on new challenges

By Shabana Ansari Diana Kinimah loves a good challenge. “I am not afraid to try new things and explore all my options, especially when life gets tough and spirals out of control” she says. In 2011, Diana came to Canada from her native Ghana in the pursuit of a better...

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