Helping all newcomers
realize their full potential

Catholic Centre for Immigrants – Ottawa


Helping others is happiness

Muhammad Khalil has been a volunteer at CCI for a little more than four years. Since coming to Canada as a refugee, he has found helping others a source of joy and a way to create lasting friendships. We talked to him about his volunteer experience. Q. When did you...

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Employment services help youth

By Megan Russell Do you remember looking for your first job? You might have felt nervous or frustrated as you spent hours perfecting your resume, writing cover letters and preparing for interviews. Now imagine you are new to Ottawa and you need a job. You have limited...

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Marko marks 20 years in Ottawa

One of the fondest memories Marko has of his first week in Canada is playing soccer while living at Reception House. Marko was 12 years old when he came to Canada with his mother and father as refugees. They had fled Bosnia looking for a new beginning and a peaceful...

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Working with youth to find jobs

Newcomers to Ottawa all have one thing in common. They want to give back to their community as soon as possible. That’s true of youth newcomers as well. That’s why the Catholic Centre for Immigrants Youth Program has a job program that helps young people get ready for...

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